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Welcome to Historic Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk in Madeira Beach Florida with over 200 shops, restaurants and entertainments Plus many Hotels on the Beach. You can even walk from the boardwalk to a Snow White Sandy Seashore with Beautiful Breath Takeing SunSets and simply enchanting Sunrises. See 300 High Quality Photographs made around John's Pass by world published and award winning photographer Robert Gladden. "The Art of Beautiful Pictures". He is a former underwater photographer for
Jacques Cousteau and National Geographics.
Johns Pass Village Panorama. Looking at the Main Entrance. To the left is Hubbert Marine and Bubba Gump. Sculleys Sea Food Restaurant to the Right.
Johns Pass Village Panorama Johns Pass Village Panorama. Looking at Sculley's Seafood Restaurant. Over 200 Specialty Shops in Village. 
Johns Pass Village
Look at Hubbart Restaurant and Fishing Boat.
Main Entrance to Johns Pass Village.
Johns Pass Village Entrance View from the water
Johns Pass Village Panorama. Looking at Sculley's Seafood Restaurant.
Sunset Couple
Romance by the Sea on a Florida Gulf Beach at Sunset  
Hubbard Sunset Cruise
Hubbard Sunset Cruse and Dolphin Watch off Maderia Beach on a Florida Gulf Coast.  
Alligators Attraction at Johns Pass Village
ALLIGATORS at Johns Pass Village in Madeira Beach Florida.
Alligator close up
Kiss an Alligator
Alligator on the water
Alligator at the Alligator Attraction at Johns Pass Village in Madeira Beach Florida.              Go To Alligator Page
Alligator in the water.
Johns Pass Sunrise Moonset
Johns Pass Village Panorama Moon Set. Good time to set out on a Gulf Fishing trip 
Johns Pass Sunrise Moonset
Johns Pass Village Sun Rise and Moon Set. 
Johns Pass Hubbart Boat
Johns Pass Village View from the Johns Pass Bridge and the Hubbard Fishing Boat Under Way. 
Hubbard Fishing           Family on Maderia Beach
Giant Grouper            Marble Grouper
JewFishJohns Pass Village Friendly Fisherman
John's Pass New Bridge
Bubba Gump       Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump food      Bubba Gump Food
Hubbard Building Night
Johns Pass Villaage Art 
John's Pass Day
Barefoot Beach
Beautiful Madeira Beach Seashore at John's Pass.
Pretty Girl on Beach
Pretty Girl on the Beach
Suncoast Resort
Beach Motel at John's Pass Village in Madeira Beach Florida.
Twilight Johns Pass
John's Pass Village at Madeira Beach Florida
Friendly FishermanJohns Pass Water view 
Johns Pass Village Entrance
Entrance to the John's Pass Boardwalk
Scullets at Johns Pass Village   White Bird
Sculley's Restaurant
 Scullets at Johns PassSculley's Scallots
Sculley's Seafood Restaurant that is on the Johns Pass Village Boardwalk on the water on Johns Pass in Maderia Beach, Florida.
Delosa's New York Pizzeria
DeLosas's Pizza
DeLosa's Pizza

John's Pass Village in Madeira Beach Florida.

Friendly Fisherman 
The Friendly Fisherman Restaurant on Johns Pass Village on a Florida Gulf Coast Beach and Pass. 
 Wild Style
Shop at Maderia Beach, Johns Pass Village.
One of many shops at Johns Pass Village.
Shop at Johns Pass Village
Treasures at Johns Pass Village          Treasure at Johns Pass Village Florida
Treasures at Johns Pass Village
Kilwin's TurtlesKilwin's 
Kilwins Chocolate, Fudge and Ice Cream,,, Oh My,,, at Johns Pass Village, Madeira Beach, Florida.
Gray Heron  Seagull
The Great Blue Heron and Seagull make there home on Florida Gulf  Beach at Johns Pass Village, Maderia Beach.
White Bird 
The Great Snow Egret make there home on Florida Gulf Beaches.
Hog SnapperStrawberry Grouper
Fish Underwater          FireIce underwater in the Gulf
Sea Shells
Some of our Seashells
These are some of our Beach Shells on our seashore along Madeira Beach.
Sand a small shells
This macro picture of our beach sand mixed with shells above is the same picture as below that is even a closer macro.
Macro view of Beach Sand
macro of Florida Gulf Coast Beach Sand.
This macro picture of our beach sand above is the same picture as below that is even closer macro and the next one below is still even closer.
Super Macro beach sand
Super Macro Photograph 
Sand on the beach
The top 6 photographs is SAND on Florida Gulf Beaches and is made of Crystal Clear Quartz and is why our West Coast Florida Beach Sand is so White and so extra Beautiful. We have the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the World right here on Florida West Coast.
Super macro of beach sand and fossil sand.
This Sand on the Beaches found further south have more Fossil mixed in the beach sand that are about the same size of the grains of Sand
Johns Pass Hubbard Twilight
Just married kiss on the seashore.          Bride on the seashore
Deep Blue Jackes
Big school of Jacks just off an underwater cliff that drops of about 5000 feet. I made this shot about 300 feet underwater.
 Brain Coral and Wife diving underwater in John Pennekamp State Park
My wife JoAnn diving into a pool in John Pennekamp State Park to see a giant Brain Coral and does not see the Giant Grouper just on the other side of the Coral. Life is the Adventure, Yes... BEAUTIFUL...  
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